Why Choose MRS?

MRS services go beyond just coding your backlog. We know any coding vendor can do that. With us, it’s personal. We know your name and want you to know ours. We cheer your coding and reimbursement successes and want to help you overcome your challenges.

MRS is a value added partner because we work with you to address:

  • compliance issues
  • billing
  • documentation quality
  • process issues
  • potential lost revenue

We will support you with training and education for providers, clinical staff and coders.

Our fully credentialed staff come from the coding “trenches” and understand how important it is to your bottom line to get coding done right the first time.

“If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen!” How many times have you lost revenue because of poor documentation? With over 25 years of experience working with providers, we will help you get that documentation with an eye to compliance and optimal reimbursement.